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Shay Mitchell may be part of the Pretty Little Liars girls who stake their lives on secrets, but she’s holding nothing back on the cover of Nylon Español. She might be one of A’s “punching bags” on the ABC Family series, but here she looks like she’ll fight back with hot pink lipstick and fierce facial expressions in tow.

Shay Instagrammed her cover of the magazine’s premiere issue, flaunting her legs in a fuzzy sweater and black leather shorts. Inside, Shay bounces around in some of Forever 21‘s fall favorites. She also reveals that with some hard work and confidence, she was able to turn a lot of no’s into yeses.

“I was working in a restaurant before I booked the job, so had I given up because I had been told ‘no’ a million times before, I wouldn’t be here right now. I think everyone has the road they’re going to go down, but you really have to fight for it and believe in yourself.”

And as for her beauty and style tips, she just keeps it simple and to the point:

“I know it’s really cliche but it really does come from within. You need to get sleep and rest, and be happy.”

Check out Shay Mitchell’s hot cover for Nylon, and take a sneak peek at the behind the scenes of her photoshoot with NylonTv and Forever 21 below.

SOURCE: Nylon | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

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