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Was Drake insinuating Rihanna is a she-devil? Well, despite what TMZ and other blogs are reporting, the answer is no.

During his performance of “Days In The East” at his fifth annual OVO Festival, the number six – along with Rihanna’s face – flashed on a screen as Drake crooned. Speculation began because the background lighting was red-hued, and the number six repeatedly flashing on the screen became quickly associated with the satanic symbol “666.”

“Days In The East” is actually a song Drake wrote about Rihanna, and it’s completely positive. Drake cleared up the rumors that he was insinuating Rihanna was the devil on Twitter.

With his mother’s health in decline, we’re not sure when Views From The 6 will be released, but we do know after he wraps his tour with Lil’ Wayne, Drake plans to slow down his schedule to spend more quality time with his mom. How sweet!

Check out the video from a fan below.

SOURCE: @Misteralee

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