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Rising from dismal circumstances the streets of Harlem can at times create, a fortunate individual named Dave East lived to rap about it.

After attending a few semesters in college on a basketball scholarship and finding himself behind bars, Dave East found his calling – rapping. Upon his release, Dave returned home and finally decided to take his rap career seriously.

Just days after dropping his mixtape, GlobalGrind hit the streets of East Harlem with “The Offering” emcee to visit the hood where he grew up and to discuss the circumstances that prompted him to record the Black Rose mixtape.

And during our time in Harlem, we paid the iconic mural dedicated to late Harlem rapper Bloodshed (Cam’ron’s cousin) a visit. The Children of The Corn rapper died in a car accident in 1997, but over the years, the mural has become a staple within the community.

Through all the grief, trials, and tribulations, Dave is still standing. Find out who the man behind Black Rose really is in the video above.

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