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There’s a good chance that Jay Z and Kanye West aren’t on the best of terms right now.

This makes us sad, because we’ve enjoyed Jay and ‘Ye’s evolving bromance over the last couple of years. In 2006, Jay Z was still very much Kanye’s “Big Brother.” But by 2011, it was clear Kanye wasn’t looking up to Jay anymore…they were officially peers.

They were equals.

And that’s why Watch the Throne, the album they released as The Throne four years ago today, works so well. No one is trying to keep up on the album.

Upon its release, WTT was recognized as a classic and it could be argued that there hasn’t been a better rap album released since.

That album, with hit singles like “Otis” and “Niggas in Paris,” basically ran pop music for damn near two years. The cherry on top was their epic 63-date “Watch the Throne” tour, which was one of the most profitable tours ever.

On the four-year anniversary of the album, let’s go over the most memorable moments of the Watch the Throne era.

This shit cray.

PHOTO CREDIT: Giphy, YouTube

The Most Memorable Watch The Throne Moments (PHOTOS)
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