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Oh Zara, how do we love thee? The fact that a good portion of our paychecks is willingly handed over to you on a regular basis is a pretty good indicator.

But today in news that makes you go, “Wait, what?” our favorite fast-fashion retailer is making us really scratch our heads. Apparently no one thought selling a T-shirt that reads “White is the new black” across it was a bad idea. This shirt must’ve been hidden on all of the racks on racks on racks of clothing because we have yet to see it in stores with our own eyes, and, well, let’s just say we won’t be buying this one.

So maybe Zara didn’t intend to be offensive—or at least we hope so—and it could very well be a play on the whole (insert color/thing here) is the new black as Complex points out, but, this is certainly making the needle on our offense-o-meter rise.

SOURCE: Complex, Twitter

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