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As the Ebola death toll continues to rise, the World Health Organization met this week to determine whether it is ethical to administer experimental medications and vaccines.

The WHO concluded unanimously that the use of the new serum is ethical, even if the effectiveness or adverse effects are unknown. The first two doses of the vaccine were given to two American missionaries who appear to be recovering. However, a Spanish priest who was given the drug died Tuesday morning.

“If these treatments can save lives … should we not use them to save lives?” said Kieny, WHO’s assistant director-general.

The Ebola virus has infected 1,848 people and killed 1,013, making this the deadliest Ebola outbreak in history. Desperation has even pushed the Liberian government to ask for the experimental serum to treat two local doctors. Although the serum may be able to help some, there isn’t nearly enough to treat all the patients affected by this outbreak.

WHO plans to convene at the end of the month to discuss who should get priority access to the experimental drugs. The assistant director-general for WHO stressed that they will not be brokering access to the serum, but simply provide information about companies who have quantities available.