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After nearly a decade in the rap game, Jeezy is getting ready to release his autobiography. But his autobiography won’t be a book — it comes in the form of an album.

On September 25th, Yeezy will drop his new album Seen It All: The Autobiography. The project will be star-studded, featuring appearances from ex-enemy Rick Ross, The Game, Future, Lil Boosie, T.I., YG, Kelly Rowland and Jay Z, who appears on the single, “Seen It All.”

Check out the entire tracklist for the 15-song album — 17 tracks on the deluxe version — below. Jeezy might have another classic on his hands.

1. “Block”

2. “What You Say”

3. “Black Eskimo”

4. “Enough”

5. “Holy Ghost”

6. “Me OK”

7. “4 Zones”

8. “Addicted” feat. T.I. & YG

9. “Fuck the World”

10. “Seen It All” feat. Jay Z

11. “Win Is a Win”

12. “Beautiful” feat. Rick Ross & The Game

13. “Beez Like” feat. Lil Boosie

14. “No Tears” feat. Future15. “Perfection”

Deluxe Edition

16. “Shady Life” feat. Kelly Rowland

17. “Been Getting Money” feat. Akon

SOURCE: MissInfo

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