Where do we begin?

After infamously parting ways with Jay Z in 2004, Dame Dash made it clear that he doesn’t feel entitled to “nothing [Jay Z’s] got.” Apparently, the same sentiment does not go out to Lee Daniels, as Dame is suing the famed director for $25 million of what he’s got. Whoa.

TMZ reports that Lee Daniels “convinced Roc-A-Fella mogul Damon Dash to pump cash into his movies, including ‘The Butler’ … then stiffed him.”

The site also reports:

Dash is suing Daniels for reneging on a deal for Dash to invest in Daniels’ projects — including “The Woodsman,” “Precious,” “The Paperboy” and ‘The Butler.” Dash has said he dumped $2M into “The Woodsman” back in 2004 … and never got a penny back. Dash claims in his lawsuit he had a similar interest in Daniels’ other movies.

Dame claims that he was “screwed out of” executive producer and producer credits on the films mentioned, and is entitled to at least $25 million. Above is a throwback photo of Lee and Dame at the New York premiere of The Woodsman back in 2004 and all looks peachy keen.

Money is a thang. Movie money, that is.


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