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There was once upon a time where the DJ was more important than the MC.

Lord knows that isn’t true anymore. In 2014, rappers are pretty much the only entity that matters when it comes to the MC/DJ dynamic.

However, the case of Kanye West and DJ Million Dollar Mano teaches us a DJ is more important than we might think.

Yesterday, DJ Million Dollar Mano announced that he wasn’t going to be Kanye West’s DJ. Many Yeezy fans saw this as a good thing, because many Yeezy fans thought Mano wasn’t a good DJ for Yeezy.

And many Yeezy fans wondered if the Chicago DJ was in fact fired.

Their proof? Well, there is no real proof. What there is, however, is this hilarious compilation video which features the many times Mano missed a cue or didn’t drop the beat in time during their “Yeezus” performances.

Is it true? Who knows. But the talk was something Mano didn’t like, and he’s basically been ranting about it on his Twitter page ever since.

The real dicey part comes when he essentially calls Kanye West fans “homosexuals:”

Uhhh. Angry much?

if you didn’t watch the video above, watch it ASAP. And if you did…watch it again.

SOURCE: Gawker, Twitter | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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