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Let’s Be Cops is in theaters now, and if you’re looking to laugh until you’re in tears, this is the movie you’re going to want to pay to see.

Last week, GlobalGrind took over the Let’s Be Cops premieres from coast to coast. We hit the red carpet in Los Angeles with the lovely Mercedeh Allen, and our very own Sr. Entertainment Editor hosted the BlogXilla Movie Party, where he previewed the film for some of New York’s best tastemakers and influencers.

During our takeover, we found out that more than half of the movie was improvised and that Nina Dobrev even did a little improv herself. The film follows two friends down on their luck, who embark on a wild ride. First there’s Ryan, played by Jake Johnson, a college football star who is pretty much a loser, and his friend Justin, played by Damon Wayans Jr, a video game designer. Both guys are sick of being down on their luck and decide to pretend to be cops based off the high they get when a few people mistake them for real cops.

This movie sets out to make you laugh – and it definitely achieves that.

Check out a few flicks from the festivities and go see Let’s Be Cops in theaters now.


GlobalGrind Takes Over “Let’s Be Cops” Premiere With A BlogXilla Movie Party (PHOTOS)
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