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What has this world come to?

A disturbing video has gone viral of 18-year-old Andrew Wheeler punching and tormenting 16-year-old Aaron Hill at a house party in Okeechobee, Florida last Friday. According to WPTV, the 18-year-old teen was caught beating the 16-year-old on camera, who is autistic.

The site reports:

The victim told detectives he was invited to a party on SW 9th Street in Okeechobee last Friday where he drank alcohol and was then told to go outside and fight someone. The teen said when he refused 18-year-old Andrew Wheeler was called. After Wheeler arrived, the victim says Andrew began beating the teen. In the incident report he claims Wheeler followed him outside, choked him until he lost consciousness and struck him in the face.

Wheeler explained his side of the story to the police:

Wheeler [told police] he received a call that there was “a drunk guy” at a party and he wouldn’t leave. He says he drove to the residence and went inside to take that person home. After walking outside to answer his phone, Wheeler went back inside and said he was told that the teen was punching and pushing another person.Wheeler claims when he attempted to take the teen outside he tried to strike Wheeler.

Once the video surfaced on the internet, outrage spread quickly and even developed the Facebook group titled Justice for Aaron. The campaign has drawn the attention of thousands of people, including Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul. WPTV has stated the Andrew’s family is fearing for their lives. His grandmother has said:

My daughters have come to stay with me because we are afraid. They are putting our addresses and names and everything on Facebook and people are saying they are going to kill our family. He would never target a child with autism…he wrote an apology letter to the boy and his mother and turned himself in.

We hope that justice is served in this case. We will keep you updated on developing story.