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John Oliver is fucking hilarious. He’s also a motherfucking genius.

HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has quickly become the best show on television in my opinion. It’s gritty in that HBO way, but also well-informed and brilliant in a way that all news should be.

The show tackles issues that you’ll never see on your local network, and topics that the cable news shows just won’t touch. I watch every single week, I laugh and learn at the same damn time.

But last night, the former Daily Show correspondent really nailed the Ferguson police shooting of Mike Brown, and now it seems like a lot more people are aware of the show.

But for those who are just getting acquainted, check out some of the best clips that will have you watching Last Week Tonight every weekend – every Sunday at 11 p.m. on HBO, that is.

John Oliver completely owns the New York Port Authority:

John Oliver on today’s advertising:

John Oliver knows prison is effed up:

John Oliver knows FIFA is the devil:

John Oliver knows rich people have rigged the system:

John Oliver understands a football team named the Washington Football Team is racist:

John Oliver knows the internet should remain free and open:

John Oliver wants us all to embarrass ourselves together:


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