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Just know this: anything involving Nicki Minaj and her ass is going to get the Internet buzzing.

So at midnight, when Nicki Minaj dropped her racy “Anaconda” video, it was not surprising to see the Internet get overrun with Barbz. Within minutes, trending topics like #NickiMinajBruh were trending in the United States.

The video deserves all the praise it’s been getting. (Shit, it was so good it even has us saying “Googly Moogly.”)

And what makes the video so special? There is a ton of T and A from one Nicki Minaj herself. T and A that has to be documented.

So we did the grueling task of watching the video over and over again and grabbing photos of Nicki’s booty.

Check a gallery of Nicki’s best booty moments from the “Anaconda” video.


Nicki Minaj’s Best Ass Moments In The “Anaconda” Video (PHOTOS)
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