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For the record, Bey is one of the baddest alive. Hence the nickname Baddie Bey. But Mama Knowles? We can hardly find the words to describe that kind of grown woman badassery.

TMZ caught up with the 6o-year-old designer as she left lunch with Kelly Rowland at Via Alloro in Beverly Hills and in a rare moment, Tina opened up about her daughter Bey and her marriage to Jay Z.

As the photogs fought through Mama Knowles’ hilarious sarcasm, it became quite evident that she has no time for rumors or any negativity associated with her family. But as far as people swearing the hip-pop duo are about to break up? Not so much. Mama Knowles began with:

“Haters gon’ be haters and there’s nothing we can do about that.”

In fact, she claims their marriage is flawless:

“Everything’s perfect.”

And no, she does NOT read the rumors about her family:

“I just don’t even read the bull.”

There you have it.


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