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Isaiah Golden, a defensive lineman for Texas A&M, was arrested in Louisiana last night on charges of domestic violence. The alleged incident went down in Lake Charles, where Golden was taken into custody on misdemeanor domestic abuse and child endangerment charges after getting into it with the mother of his kids. Apparently, the dispute occurred in front of the children, which is what triggered the child endangerment charges. [TMZ]

At least two people have been killed after shots were fired near the India-Pakistan borders, including a father and 8-year-old son. Four others have injuries after Pakistani forces fired shots off near the border, shots that were reportedly “unprovoked.” Both military troops have exchanged fire between each other infrequently, and the Indian forces have been accused of being “unprovoked” from the start of the exchanges. [CNN]

Footage of a big brawl outside of Dream nightclub has emerged, and it involved NFL rookie Mike Evans of the Tampa Bay Bucs. Evans and his group fought other clubgoers, including bouncers in the streets outside of the venue. While the person who shot the video says it occurred on Saturday night, Evans’ agent assures that it went down back in March. [TMZ]

Sad news has emerged as a factory worker in Cleveland was crushed to death by a machine after his clothing got stuck in it. Reports say that rescuers rushed to the scene, but found that Elbert C Woods was already dead from injuries when they arrived. The company helped to build railway train parts, and no one was available to comment on the tragedy. [Daily Mail]


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