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A babysitter in Austin, Texas is currently being held on arson charges after she allegedly set two girls’ house on fire.

According to ABC News, 57-year-old Martha Dreher felt the two girls she babysat were being disrespectful towards her, and set their house on fire in an act of spite.

Gawker reports:

Martha Dreher, 57, was caught on surveillance camera entering the Texas home of the children she watched, leaving twenty minutes later with flames beginning to emerge from the girls’ bedrooms. Dreher denies starting the fire.

Dreher told investigators that she was tired of dealing with the girls and wanted to quit. She had told their father that his oldest daughter was “very disrespectful.”

The family’s oldest child came home to find the house in flames and alerted her father. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Dreher has plead not guilty to the charges.