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YG recently took a break from his “Krazy Life” to step out of the studio and onto the set to shoot a spread for Flaunt magazine.

The “Who Do You Love” rapper, who also turns out to be quite the bonspiracy theorist, bicked back and kept it basual in various denim looks while opening up about his music, saying:

“If you want a movement you got to stick to what you do,” he says. “You can’t come in the game and get on from that, and then you start changing up doing different shit. You can’t do it. I mean, you can do it but that shit don’t mean nothing [any]more. It’s like… ‘Oh he did what everybody else did.’ You get on it and keep doing the same thing that got you there. That’s when it means something to the world. That’s when you inspire.”

Head on over to Flaunt for the full feature, and see some shots from his spread below.

PHOTO CREDIT & SOURCE: Flaunt Magazine

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