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Hey, Zara, you need more people. Earlier this month, you made us go, “Wait what?” after shoppers tipped the internet off to your “White is the new black” T-shirts. And now, this.

Today, the fast-fashion retailer is under fire once again after selling a T-shirt with a design similar to that of uniforms worn by Holocaust prisoners during World War II.

Fashionista reports they were tipped off to the striped children’s shirt after a reader sent in an image of it being sold on the site. On it is a large yellow star, which customers said looked more like the badge Jewish people were forced to wear in concentration camps than what Zara intended it to be, a sheriff’s badge. A closer look at the image does, however, show the word “Sheriff” laser-cut across the star, Fashionista points out.

Just like the “White is the new black” top, this could’ve been an honest mistake, but following the backlash, the company has decided to pull the shirt and apologize on Twitter:

SOURCE: Fashionista