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Remy Ma stopped by the No Judgment Zone with BlogXilla for a 2 part interview to welcome her home from prison. During her stay in the NJZ, BlogXilla asked Remy if she had plans on being the mediator to settle the beef between Nicki Minaj, and Lil Kim, Remy reveals:

“That’s a problem between them, I don’t know what exactly the problem stem from on either person’s side. That’s a problem that has to be mended and fixed between them. Nicki has to come and want to fix it, Kim has to come and want to fix it. If not, eventually it’s going to die down or go somewhere crazy… but I can’t fix that.”

Xilla also told her she’s the only one big enough to ask Kim and Nicki to jump on the same track.

“That would be crazy, you know, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens that would be dope if it could actually happen, but I don’t know what their situation is so where I could be like you know Kim… I don’t even have that type of rapport with Kim to where I feel comfortable coming to her like that…”

I say we retweet this so many times they will be forced to put their differences aside and settle this for the sake of the fans.