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We are just a couple of days away from Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer 2014.

It’s been one of the more eventful summers we’ve had in recent memory. Iggy Azalea ruling? LeBron James‘ going to Cleveland? Jay Z and Beyonce beefing? Solange and Jay Z fighting? Kim and Kanye marrying? A lot of shit happened over the last three months.

It’s also been a great summer for social media. Twitter was the reason why the nation started paying attention to what’s going on in Ferguson.

While Twitter is currently king, we have to give props to Vine. Vine has become a great source of entertainment, while we watch the world around us burn.

Here’s the thing: Vine isn’t just for the shits and giggles. You can learn a lot about the world, six second at a time.

We did. So here are the things we learned, due strictly to Vines released this summer.

(This is basically a best vine of the summer post. Ya dig?)

We’ve learned you can start your rap career in six seconds or less

We’ve learned: Blue Ivy’s dancing >>> crazy goth kids dancing >>>  Taylor Swift’s  dancing

We’ve learned how to properly do the T.H.O.T. walk

We’ve learned the importance of good cardio 

We’ve learned what good fatherly advice sounds like 

We’ve learned how to properly sideye your co-worker    

We’ve learned how wrong the #IceBucketChallenge can go

We’ve learned how much love hurts #cinnamonapple

We’ve learned how close we really are to our favorite artists

We’ve learned how good Chipotle can make you feel

We’ve learned the perfect excuse to get out of responsibilities

We’ve learned not to bring your kid to a fist fight 

We’ve learned how a good song turns into a great one

We’ve learned kids rule

We’ve learned who the best female rapper in the world is