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Oh, she’s just being Miley.

When was the last time we’ve seen her nearly naked? If you think about it, it’s been a while. But thanks—or no thanks—to magazine, here she is in all her provocative glory, lying on a bed of stuffed animals and covered in a furry Fendi number while flashing a whole lot of flesh.

For Miley’s second V coverKarl Lagerfeld shot the twerking, tongue-wagging 21-year-old for “The Rebel Issue,” which is perfectly fitting because she can’t stop making us wonder what the heck is going on with her (Have you seen her Instagram lately?).

“V91 focuses on the art of rebellion,” the glossy says of the issue. “But before you think us punks or misfits, it should be noted that we’re not necessarily talking about that type of rebellion associated with being deliberately defiant or rowdy, but rather with the idea of taking ownership of one’s ideas and craft and not compromising even when difficult situations arise. Staying true to one’s self and one’s art, no matter what, takes courage and discipline, which is vital to any artist’s survival.”

Well, Miley is gearing up for the South American leg of her Bangerz tour, so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, we guess.

V91 is the same issue featuring the one member of the Kardashian krew who dares to be different, Kylie Jenner. Pre-order it now online, or pick up a copy on September 10.

PHOTO CREDIT & SOURCE: V Magazine, Instagram

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