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In 2014, Ma$e and Bill Maher have something in common. Who would have thought?

The veteran MC just dropped a new record called “Politically Incorrect.” The song has a harder, more serious tone, as Ma$e touches on the Ferguson situation.

In the song, Ma$e raps:

“Mike Brown, strike down, everything is on sight now. Rappers, niggas ain’t got nothin’ to say, who give a fuck nigga, you iced out.”

Even though Ma$e says rappers have nothing to say, this isn’t entirely true. On Wednesday, The Game dropped his tribute to Mike Brown, called “Don’t Shoot.” And before that, J. Cole released a track about the slain teen, titled “Be Free.”

Is Ma$e’s “Politically Incorrect” song one of the best protest rap songs ever? Probably not. It’s still worth a listen, though.

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