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Actress and Comedienne Joan Rivers is on life support after she stopped breathing during a recent throat surgery. The family will have to make a decision within the next couple of days whether or not to keep the 81-year-old on life support. Sources say that the family has faith that Joan will fight through it and recuperate. Get more details over at [TMZ].

A young British woman was held captive in the Democratic Republic of Congo by her family because “they were trying to cure her gayness.” 27-year-old Christina Fonthes traveled to Kinshasa, Congo to visit her aunt with her mother and sister but upon arrival, her mother confiscated her passport so her sexuality could be “fixed.” The LGBT activist tweeted on Thursday: “Pls tell @UKinDRC & @ukhomeoffice that I’m NOT missing. My passport has been stolen BY MUM. and I need to return to uk asap.” Fonthes has been dating BBC sports presenter Jessica Creighton for the past 3 years. Creighton said: “It became apparent that her family were unhappy with her decision to be an out lesbian, they took her passport and [were] refusing to give it back.” [Daily Mail]

Following the war between Hamas and Israel, an international organization involved in assessing the reconstruction of Gaza says it will take 20 years for the city to be rebuilt. Members of the Red Cross and Palestinian officials estimated that the cost of rebuilding the city is nearly $6 billion. Since the war, Israel has restricted the import of concrete and other building materials into Gaza, fearing that combatants will use them to build rockets and reinforce cross-border attack tunnels. [Huffington Post]

Ebola has arrived in Senegal, as a man infected with the disease marks its first case in the country. Ebola has been responsible for more than 1,500 deaths in four West African nations. The infected person is a student from Guinea, who at first gave no indication of the disease. Later on, an epidemiological surveillance team in Guinea alerted Senegalese authorities that they had lost track of a person who had had contact with sick people. The team said that the person disappeared three weeks ago and may have come to Senegal.The student was tracked to the hospital in Dakar that same day and was immediately quarantined.  [ABC News]

This is a bit odd. An incarcerated man in Kentucky is currently being investigated for the murder of his cellmate, who died after eating his drug-soaked underwear. Jessamine County officials say that Michael Jones soaked the underwear in liquid methadone during a temporary funeral leave from the detention center, and wore them when he returned. Apparently, he then ripped the soaked undies and shared them with cellmates, including Corey McQuery. McQuery alerted staff that he had felt ill on the night of August 20th, but didn’t say what he had eaten. He passed away the following morning. Jones has been charged with McQuery’s murder. [Gawker


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