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The first of the month was yesterday, which means the rent was due. But you knew that already, because broke, amirite?

You know who doesn’t know that? North West, because, well, she’s only one year old, but seeing as how her parents are KimYe, that’s probably something she’ll never have to worry about.

What’s about a grand or so to #theworldsmosttalkedaboutcouple, anyway? A YSL handbag for little Nori, that’s what.

Yesterday afternoon, Mr. & Mrs. West were spotted Bound 2 LAX, and Nori once again kept up with Kim in coordinating striped ensembles.

While her mommy sported a striped linen top and her favorite Hermes heels, the future of fashion fell in line with her striped bottoms paired with a black T-shirt, Dr. Martens boots, and a $1,450 Saint Laurent monogram studded bag. Oh, and check out her baby bling bling, too.

But what do you think she keeps in that thing??

Our best guess? The answers Sway doesn’t have.


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