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What better way to end the summer than with a few pics of Rihanna sunbathing in a bikini?

While the bad gal turned up on a yacht in Italy, her BFF Melissa Forde, aka M Dollas, played photographer and posted a series of photos featuring RiRi doing what she does best: lounging in a bikini, smokin’ blunts, and pretty much just looking ridiculously good.

Melissa posted the photo above of Rihanna lighting a blunt while looking flawless in her teeny-weeny nude bikini.

After a brew and a blunt, RiRi took some time to get her tan on. This is the same trip the Bajan princess tried out her own version of the Shmoney Dance.

In true Rihanna fashion, she also did a little shopping.

Thank goodness for Melissa’s camera, but are we the only ones who miss seeing Rihanna on Instagram?


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