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Golden Globe winner Idris Elba and Oscar-nominated actress Taraji P. Henson sat down with BlogXilla in Beverly Hills, California to talk all about their new movie No Good Deed.

The movie is produced by our man Will Packer, and has Taraji playing Terri, a devoted wife and mother of two whose husband is away on a family trip. Terri has the ideal life, but it all takes a turn when Colin, played by Idris, shows up at her front door claiming car trouble. But of course, he’s not who he says he is.

During our interview, Idris and Taraji didn’t talk only about the film, but also about their personal lives. Both actors expressed the importance of being with someone who is secure with what they do for a living, with Idris explaining that security is one of the foundations of any good relationship.

“That’s a massive factor for me,” he said. “You need to be secure; otherwise it’s not going to work. Especially for someone like me who is always all over the place traveling.”

Meanwhile, Taraji revealed her favorite film scene, and while there is a steamy shower moment, that’s not the one she’s talking about.

“The scene where I get to kick his ass, that’s my favorite scene, because I’ve never done a physical scene like that before. I’ve shot big guns and I’ve done chases, but never a fight scene. I didn’t really know what went into a fight scene. It’s pretty much like a dance. It’s choreographed. Every move is specific because if you move your head two inches to the right, you might catch a left hook.”

She also said that during filming, Idris hit her in the mouth with a gun. Ouch!

No Good Deed hits theaters everywhere on September 12th, 2014. Watch our exclusive interview with Idris and Taraji above for more.