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It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Alicia Keys, but she’s been taking care of her newly-pregnant body, and prepping her next album.

The Girl On Fire singer revealed last month that she’s pregnant with her second child with hubby Swizz Beatz, and during a recent interview with AP, she told us just when the bundle of joy would be arriving.

Alicia also talked to the outlet about her upcoming album, revealing she thinks it’s some of her best work yet.

She told the AP:

“What I know for a fact is it’s the best music I’ve ever done in my life yet and it’s really exciting to be able to have this kind of growth, this type of opportunity,” she said. “The music’s actually pretty much done already and so you’ll be hearing some of it soon.”

While speaking about her album, the people of AP couldn’t help but ask when the album would be coming out, and if maybe it would be around December:

“December album? Well, I know one thing. I’m having a December baby.”

There you have it; little Egypt will be a big bro before the end of the year.


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