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We screwed up this morning.

We did one of the worst journalistic sins you could do: we buried the lede.

In a story we posted this morning about Kim Kardashian’s daughter’s name or something, we put the real important news of the day on the bottom.

That news was this: Kanye West was playing a game of pick-up basketball yesterday. And there are pictures. If we were doing that story over again, here is what the headline would be: “DA YEEZY JUMPED OVER THE JUMPMAN! Here Are Pictures Of Kanye West Playing Basketball.”

It’s just absolutely wonderful to see Kanye West, the king of cool, look so sweaty, flabby, and…well, non-cool.

We should have not hidden these pictures. So as an official apology for our earlier error, here is a gallery of Kanye West doing normal everyday things regular people do – from eating Wendy’s, to putting change in the car meter. You’re welcome.


17 Pictures Of Kanye West Doing Regular Things (PHOTOS)
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