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Despite how Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton might feel about it, people are probably not going to let go of their nudes without a fight.

The Hunger Games star and Sports Illustrated model’s naked pictures leaked online last week, and now an artist is defending his right to use them for an art exhibit.

According to E! News, a source said of the artist’s response to getting in trouble for using the photos:

“The artist sees these images as art,” Cory Allen explained to E! News. “[They are] a representation of someone or something that has a different meaning for everyone. Transforming those images to canvas presents them in a different light. It makes them real.”

Yea buddy, you should probably just let this one go.

After a ton of uproar over the show’s season finale, How I Met Your Mother’s alternate ending has leaked online.

Fans were happy to, briefly, find a new ending to the 9-season-long show, that ended earlier this year, before it was removed by Fox all over the web.

According to those who saw it, the ending is a much happier one than the tragedy that occurs in the original, and it should be included in the DVD release later this year.

If you ever wanted to see Kristen Wiig naked, you’re in luck.

The former SNL cast member stars in the new dramedy Welcome to Me, where she plays a woman with Borderline Personality Disorder. Her character has won the lottery and starts her own talk show.

She also revealed to E! News, that she is going full frontal for the film:

“It was completely terrifying,” Wiig told me at the movie’s premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. “I’m nervous that it’s going to be out there in about an hour or two. Everyone’s going to see everything.”

Are you guys ready to see her naked?

Those who are scared of spiders might want to not watch the video above.

An expert prankster recently dressed up his dog in a giant spider costume. His dog looks like a real spider when it walks or runs, and it’s the perfect way to completely freak people out.

Check out the hilarious prank above!.

SOURCE: E! News, JustJared | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty 

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