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While some celebrities and models were gearing up for another inspiring and glamorous show at NYFW, Nicki Minaj had a plan of her own to make this year’s Fashion Week a very memorable experience. Just yesterday, the Young Money artist released a video on her Instagram, taking us behind the scenes at the Alexander Wang show. The video wasn’t quite what we expected, though.

The video shows Nicki teaching a group of models the “Anaconda” dance. If the “Anaconda” video isn’t still fresh in your mind, you might remember it features a lot of leg work and twerking on the floor and in the chair, along with a lot of cuts to Nicki’s gigantic backside. The models may not have Nicki’s body, but it didn’t stop them from popping what they have on the chairs, as teacher Nicki clapped out counts in the middle.

Meanwhile, front stage at the Alexander Wang show was another celebrity that isn’t shy of twerking for the camera. Miley Cyrus was spotted mingling with the designer and guests, and although the pop singer might have retired her twerking card, she still knows how to draw attention to herself. The “Wrecking Ball” singer showed up to the event in a pair of black slacks. As for the top, there was barely anything there but a couple of pasties. Miley released a picture on her Instagram account, showing off her outfit and a tatted body with Alexander Wang. And despite what you may think about Miley, negative attention never bothered her. According to her, she still had the “best night eva.” Check out the picture of Miley posing with Alexander Wang below.

SOURCE: Instagram

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