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UPDATE 09/14/14 8:11AM EST:

According to TMZ, Iggy most recently responded to the sex tape by letting Vivid Ent. know that she’ll sue if the company if it uses her name in any way. The site reports:

Iggy Azalea’s lawyers are throwing the kitchen sink at a major porn company … now claiming Vivid will get it’s dirty corporate ass sued if it dares to market her alleged sex tape … because the name “Iggy” can only be used by Iggy.

And continues:

“Now Iggy’s lawyers have fired off a letter to Vivid — obtained By TMZ — in which they say the name “Iggy” is gold … protected by U.S. Trademark.”

As far as how Vivid feels about it all, TMZ reports:” Vivid is unimpressed, restating it’s desire to market the tape.” We will keep you updated as new details surface.

When you’ve  made your way to the top, someone from your past will probably hate on you and try to take you down. That’s just a fact.

Rumors have been circulating that Iggy Azalea has a sex tape and while she denies that it’s legit and she’s legal in it, apparently her ex-boyfriend feels differently. Houston rapper Hefe Wine has confirmed that  the video is real and that she was not underage when the act occurred.

According to TMZ:

Iggy’s camp says she never consented to the video being shot and she might have been under 18 at the time.

But Wine states that he didn’t meet Iggy until she was 18 years of age and that she was fully aware of the sex tape being shot.

Hefe has denied sending the tape to Vivid and has claimed that his laptop was stolen a couple of months ago. This is where it gets interesting — although he denies submitting the tape, he is interested in cutting a deal for the video to be released. Of course, he would need Iggy’s signature for that to happen.

Hefe claims to still have a close friendship with Iggy and apparently, he’s about to release a new single featuring the “Fancy” artist to prove it.

Hopefully, Iggy can avoid the scandal. Besides, we already have this action to drool over:


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