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Kanye West‘s final performances in Australia were this weekend, and he really left an impression on his fans down under. But according to the latest reports, it may not have been a great one.

It was originally being reported that the Yeezus rapper was trying to force handicapped people to get up during a couple of his shows, as he informed the crowd that he couldn’t continue on with a song unless everyone was standing up.

Fans allegedly told sources that `Ye stopped the show and wouldn’t start the song until they proved that they were handicapped, and could not stand up.

One of two handicapped fans were seen holding up their prosthetic leg to prove her case, while the other was sitting in their wheelchair.

Well, according to Complex‘s video footage from one night of Ye’s concert, that’s not entirely the case.

The footage paints a much less offensive scene, showing that Kanye did ask the crowd to stand up, but he didn’t stop the show for an “uncomfortably long time” as some mentioned.

Complex reports told the crowd:

“I can’t do this song if there’s anybody in here sitting down.” Obviously he wanted everyone in full turn-up mode. “Unless you’re handicapped…,” he continued. “I need to to pull out your handicapped parking slip right now.”

Once security pointed out the two handicapped people, he continued the song “Good Life” as planned.

Meanwhile, his wife Kim Kardashian has been watching from the crowd as usual, and at his last show in Sydney she apparently witnessed something new – two girls randomly flashing her rapper hubby.

In a new video caught by a fan, Kim can be seen looking at two girls in the crowd who stripped down to bare their breasts. Fortunately, Kim thought this was pretty funny, as she was seen laughing and rooting on the enthusiastic fans!

After the show, the power couple left the arena together with Kim rocking her right red dress, and Yeezy trying to keep a low profile.

The two were also seen hitting up some stores for a shopping trip throughout Sydney before their departure.

Check out footage from Kanye’s shows above.

SOURCE: Complex, Daily Mail | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash

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