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Kanye West and a bare-faced beautiful Kim Kardashian were spotted departing Australia at the Brisbane Airport following the completion of ‘Ye’s Yeezus tour Down Under.

The couple appeared to be in a good mood until they spotted the paparazzi snapping pictures from above, and after this weekend’s headlines, ‘Ye just wants the media to leave him alone. After all, he claims he’s “a married Christian man with a family.”

In a five-minute rant addressing the rumors that he tried to force handicapped fans to stand up at a recent concert in Australia, Kanye is telling the media to “pick a new target, because I’m not one of these dumb ass artists that you’re used to.”

Kim also took to her Instagram to stick up for her man after Wheelchair Gate:

“What an amazing Australian tour! Its frustrating that something so awesome could be clouded by lies in the media. Kanye never asked anyone in a wheel chair to stand up & the audience videos show that. He asked for everyone to stand up & dance UNLESS they were in a wheel chair. #JustWantedEveryoneToHaveAFunNight #TheMediaTwistsThingsFollowing”

The couple seems to be in complete sync with one another, which makes sense since they’re currently working on adding to their family. Kim told the TODAY show in Australia that they’re trying to have another baby.

“We’re trying,” Kardashian said. “I guess, it’s all in God’s hands.”

Kardashian noted that motherhood has put everything in perspective for her.

“Nothing really matters besides spending time with your family and only doing the things that are really important to you,” she said.

South West, maybe?

SOURCE: Gossip Cop | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash

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