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Can you believe Jada Pinkett Smith turns 43 today? No? Neither can we. And sure, it’s her birthday, but she’s gifting us all by gracing the upcoming cover of Health magazine.

For her front page feature lensed by Marc Baptiste, JPS shines in a sequin-covered top paired with a short and sexy miniskirt, as she tosses her head back with a big hearty smile.

Inside the issue, Jada dishes on how she manages to stay in shape, and you better believe we are taking notes. Check out some excerpts from her interview below.

On keeping confident while aging:

“Because it is what it is! I’m getting older! I’ve never looked at myself as, like, a beauty. I’m not sore on the eye, but I know there’s always going to be somebody more beautiful—always. My grandmother used to say to me, “It’s not about what you look like on the outside. It’s what you look like on the inside.” So she helped me learn at an early age to be well-rounded, to be spiritual, to be compassionate. And my mom said, “You can do whatever you want with your hair and your clothes.” I went to art school, and I could make my hair lime green if I wanted. So there was a certain internal power that grew within me because I didn’t have a problem being who I was, no matter what room I was in.”

Her fitness regimen:

“I tell people all the time, “You can eat whatever you want, as long as you’re willing to put the work in,” and that’s a thing I had to learn. So I make sure I do something physical every single day. But that doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym and freakin’ kill yourself!….Literally, I’m never in the gym longer than 45 minutes. Just be consistent—that’s it!”

On date night with Will:

“A lot of times, we’ll do it at the house because when we go out it can be a little hectic. So we have different places around our yard where we like to set up a little Arabian tent, pillows, wine and cheese, candlelight. Will likes really thought-out productions.”

Awwww. Head on over to Health for the full interview.


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