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UK singer/songwriter Jessie Ware teams up with Miguel for a seductive R&B-inspired cut titled “Kind Of…Sometimes…Maybe.”

The song was co-penned by the Kaleidoscope Dream singer, who according to Jessie, made her whisper sweet nothings in the recording booth while creating the song.

“The British prude in me was nearly banished when I had to whisper sweet nothings for this track. This is all thanks to Miguel, the absolute king of sexy music and talking! There were moments where me and the BenZel boys didn’t know where to look, he made it so steamy in the studio I swear to God. It was a really magic moment for me to work with someone whose album had been with me and replayed for so long. He was so generous and wonderful in the studio and now I think of him as extended family,” she said.

“Do I get lonely at all? No, because Jamie, and Johnny, and Jack keep me warm/ this wasn’t my fault, I don’t cry, God no, I don’t cry,” sings Jessie.

Jessie’s Tough Love album is due out October 13 in the UK, and October 21 in the U.S. Tell us what you think below.

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