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Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a singer named P!nk who used to sing about drinking Hennessy and riding shotgun in Bentleys.

P!nk eventually grew up and transformed into the pop-rock princess she always dreamed she could be, and like most princesses, she found a badass prince charming, and lived happily ever after.

It’s no secret our favorite pop singer P!nk started her career as an R&B singer, but sometimes the once shimmying singer’s past flees our mind. So on this here #ThrowbackThursday, we’re dedicating the ’99-2000s to the outspoken pop star and her hot pink cornrows.

From the break-out R&B jam “There You Go” to her sassy follow-up single “Make Me Sick,” P!nk was the most soulful white girl of the early 2000s. But then she pulled a switcheroo and kicked her hip-hop flavored tracks to the curb and exchanged them for a guitar and trapeze.

Take a trip down memory lane and remember the time when P!nk was an R&B diva below.


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