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Six male students from Commack High School in Long Island are under fire for posing for pictures in t-shirts that spelled out “RAPE?” and then posting the photos on social media.

The seniors at the school posed for the group picture next to the school’s track, and sport some big smiles for the controversial photo.

A second picture was posted on Twitter, in which the question mark at the end of “Rape?” was changed to a period. In this photo, a boy laying down in front of them with his hands tied up and tape over his mouth was another addition.

The photo was allegedly taken just after their annual class picture, and has outraged students on social media, as well as their own classmates.

One student told ABC News:

‘When they showed me the picture, I thought ‘this is ridiculous, I go to this school, and I’ve been here for three years. These kids are older than me – have some respect!” says , ‘It doesn’t just affect them, it affects the whole school, too.’

Another classmate tried to come to their defense by stating:

‘They were actually doing it off a book called The Fault in Our Stars – on the cover it says “OK” with a question mark, and then “OK” underneath it with a period.

The school is investigating the intent behind the photograph, which they believe shows “an inexcusable lack of judgment.” The school also said in a statement:

“We deeply regret the turmoil caused by the actions of these students and know that it does not reflect the values of the rest of Commack High School or the Commack community.’



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