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Quick! Peek outside of your window! The leaves, they’re changing colors and the daylight is slowly fading, fading away.

Where were you last night, when the clock struck 10:29 P.M. EDT? That was the time fall officially began, says science, marking today the first whole day of autumn, and forcing us to say goodbye to summer forever (or at least until next year).

While you were attempting to fall asleep at a reasonable hour, Rihanna was out embracing the seasonal change as nature intended: in a pair of Timbs. She headed to yet another studio sesh rocking her boots in a $3,195 Miu Miu wool coat with shell paneling across the shoulders and chest, and a pair of G-Star Raw denim jeans designed by Pharrell Williams from his Raw for the Oceans collection.

A bold red lippy brightened up the Bajan beauty’s blue look, complete with her $2,295 Balenciaga handbag.


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