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Don’t mess with her men, ’cause she’s gon’ be the one to bring it to you.

Nivea is feeling a little salty and here’s why. Christina Milian has denied it, but it’s pretty obvious she and Lil Wayne have a thing for each other, and may have even been dating for quite some time. And Nivea’s all but confirmed it with a recent interview, in which she’s fuming about the idea of Tunechi bringing Tina Turn Up to family functions.

As we all know, Christina was married to Nivea’s ex-husband, The-Dream, whom both women have kids with (Christina, one, and Nivea, three). So, the fact that Christina may be dating another one of Nivea’s exes, Wayne – who is also a father to one of Nivea’s children – has the former singer a little upset.

She’s also complained that the whole ordeal is confusing the crap out of her kids. In an interview with Malcolm Music, she had this to say:

On Wayne and Christina Milian dating one another:

“I really didn’t have any feelings outside of just being a parent. We share an ex-husband together. [Christina Milian] has a daughter, I have three by Dream as well. So we make sure they see each other and they’re in their sisters’ lives and vice versa. And that’s where it stood.

Her other decisions led to my involvement because she’s dealing with or appears to be doing the other father of my young child [Neal]. So I was like, ‘What the hell?!’ It felt crazy as hell! I’m like, ‘What the hell is wrong with you?!’ But I haven’t addressed her about it. I don’t really care to. I just thought it was very, very crazy.”

On Tunechi bringing Christina to family functions:

“Oh, that’s not going to [happen]. He knows better than that. What the public doesn’t know is that there’s a conversation that’s already been had between Wayne and I before that [Instagram comment] was ever [posted]. So it was not a messy thing. It was my way of saying to everyone, ‘I don’t condone this.’ You can’t control what people do with their lives. But I was just…a lot of things have been going on with my relationships in the past to people were, ‘Oh my God! I guess they all like…’ and just a lot of speculation. So, that was me saying, ‘In this regard, this is not cute to me.’

I was just coming from a parental standpoint. I mean we got children and we already have…’Ahh what happened?’ kinda thing. And that just adds more mess to stirring the pot.”

We’re not sure why Nivea needed to address the situation in an interview instead of just having a chat with Christina privately, but we guess that’s just how Hollywood works.

Check out the interview up top, as well as Nivea’s recent Instagram comments about the Tina ‘N Tunechi relationship not being “OK” or “cute” over at NecoleBitchie.

SOURCE: NecoleBitchie | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash

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