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Danity Kane will never die.

That’s not even a joke, either. This group literally won’t go away.

We thought the end finally occurred in August, when members Dawn Richard and Aubrey O’Day got into a major fight. The group then proceeded to split up, despite the fact they had a single with Tyga, called “Lemonade,” out.

But even after all of that, the show must go on.

DK3, the band’s new album, will drop on October 28th. O’Day released an Instagram video announcing as much.

She said:

 “I just want to let you know that I love you and miss you so much, and because you guys never gave up on us, Shannon and I haven’t given up on you.”

So Danity Kane will live on next month…yay. Head to iTunes to hear snippets of the album.

SOURCE: Instagram 

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