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It’s going on a year since Beyoncé pulled one of the most brazen musical moves ever — dropping her self-titled album without any promotion or notice.

It’s one of the ballsiest moves in the biz and now Harvard Business School is doing a case study examining how the singer pulled off something of this magnitude.

According to TheHarvardGazette, the case study was written by Anita Elberse, who is a Professor of Business Administration at the school, and Stacie Smith, a former student. They talked to executives from Parkwood Entertainment (Beyonce’s management company), Columbia Records (her record label), and Facebook and Apple, two of the partners who helped roll out the Beyoncé album.

The case study drops on Tuesday. It will also be taught at the school in a course titled “Strategic Marketing in Creative Industries.”

SOURCE: VIBE, HarvardGazette | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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