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It looks as if though K. Michelles past will never actually be a thing of the past.

If you watched Love and Hip-Hop: ATL back in 2012, you’ll recall the domestic violence fiasco the singer described for the world, citing her former fling, Memphitz as an abusive man. The former Jive Records executive has denied all accusations since the topic was brought up on national television.

Well now, the “V.S.O.P” singer has spilled all the details on what occurred that evening in a Memphis hotel, with court documents included. When the incident occurred 2 years ago, Memphitz explained his side of the story during an interview at Richmond’s Power 92.1:

So I grabbed her. Grabbed her arms, cause I’m not, I’m tired of taking a thousand swinging punches like, from a girl. I’m like, what is going on? So I’m grabbing her. Yes, I grabbed her and held her arms down from hitting my ass again, and she was screaming and screaming and I’m like “Yo!” So the police get there and. Okay, so I did, I covered her mouth cause she was screaming so loud.

Memphitz also made the same claims in his deposition, stating that he was holding her down while he had his hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming. Toya Wright, Memphitz’ wife, tweeted in defense of her husband but later deleted the tweet that read:

“I never met a Bish that pop off as much as you do and then play the victim role. Girl bye.”

Oh dear. To see the tea and receipts that detail several accounts of the incident click here.


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