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This isn’t “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It,” that’s for sure.

The prophetic Smith spawn, Jaden Smith, releases a new track titled “Blue Ocean V19,” and it’s “deep” – of course. The seven-minute song features a mixture of Jaden singing and rapping, and also features vocals from his little sister Willow.

“Don’t tell me you cried, cause I know that you didn’t/ don’t tell me you love me, I know I’m just trippin/ cause you tore down my ego, and I listened/ why did I listen,” croons Jaden.

“Blue Ocean V19” is set to appear on Jaden’s upcoming Cool Tape, Vol 2. Jaden is also set to appear on Childish Gambino’s forthcoming project, but in the meantime, stay woke down under.

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