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“Even the most beautiful women get cheated on.”

That’s a common phrase I’ve seen on my Twitter timeline since news broke that Wiz Khalifa cheated on Amber Rose before she filed for divorce this past week.

Although that’s the unfortunate case in many relationships, that shouldn’t be the mentality we set into Amber, and many other females’ minds, as they move on.

Yes, beautiful women get cheated on all the time, but that’s not the point of the matter here. Muva Rosebud has much more going for her than just beauty. If beauty was the only part of her package, she wouldn’t be able to maintain longevity in her relationships.

Sometimes relationships, and even marriages, just don’t work. But Amber is proof of a strong, independent woman who can make a lot out of a little. On top of it all, she is known to be a huge sweetheart by those who come across her. She doesn’t need a relationship to define her as a person, her appearance, or what she contributes.

What us as the public can focus on, instead of the scandal, would be Amber’s big heart, which is all about her son Sebastian. Being a great mother is another one of Amber’s amazing attributes, as well as being the Muva Rosebud to her adoring fans.

We shouldn’t care about who is cheating in a sensitive situation like this, but about the happiness of two people who just weren’t their best while together.

The most beautiful women can get cheated on, but the most incredible come out of the situation surrounding themselves with positivity.

So for now, we should ignore the bullshit, stop spreading the negative energy, and encourage the happiness of these two people. Amber will move on to bigger and better things, and we shouldn’t still be stuck on the drama she’s faced when that happens.

I’m rooting for Amber, and all of the other beautiful women that “shockingly” get cheated on.

Lindsey India

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