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Raven-Symone has managed to do what 80 percent of child stars have failed at: maintain a successful career and keep her private life private. With today’s super intrusive paparazzi and social media exploiting everything about celebrities, it’s amazing that Raven kept her dating life under wraps–until now, that is.

Rumors have been swirling for years that The Cosby Show veteran is romantically involved with another girl. After Raven’s recent appearance on Oprah‘s Where Are They Now series in which she confirmed her sexual orientation, we did our research and found her lovely model girlfriend AzMarie Livingston (on the left in the photo above).

Although the androgynous model found her own celebrity as a contestant on America’s Next Top Model, since photos surfaced of her and Raven being cutesy during LudaDay Weekend last year, AzMarie is getting recognized on another level. Judging by older photos of the ladies, they’ve been pals since before they could really talk. In fact, Marie posted the photo above on her Instagram page with the caption:

#TBT Me and Sunray as youngN’s @ravensymonecp  Yupp Long time Rt

We’re glad these gals are out and happy. Check out 14 dope photos of AzMarie being a model and a girlfriend in the gallery below.

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram 

14 Dope Pics Of Raven-Symone’s Girlfriend AzMarie Livingston (PHOTOS)
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