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When you spend so much time in the shower that the hot water runs out. When there’s no Wi-Fi available at the organic restaurant you’re eating at. When your iPhone 6 pulls your hair out when you make a phone call. #FirstWorldProblems.

That last one is a real one for some owners of Apple’s latest models, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. First, there was #bendgate after reports that the Plus would bend under pressure, and now we have a new hashtag, #hairgate, following complaints that their hair keeps getting caught in the seam between the aluminum and the glass screen.

A Twitter search of #hairgate results in hundreds of tweets about the problem. Some of them are pretty funny, like this one:

Will Apple resolve this hairy issue? We aren’t sure. But we have an even better question: People still make phone calls in 2014?

We thought iPhones were just for posting our filtered-to-hell selfies to Instagram, sending text messages with nothing but emojis and no actual words, and Snapchatting our double chins.

SOURCE: 9 to 5 Mac | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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