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North West: a one-year-old, naturally born winner at life. Her parents are #themosttalkedaboutcouple in the world, and we’re pretty sure her first word was “Givenchy” after the basics, like “dada,” “mama,” and “Yeezy taught me well,” of course.

Nori was featured in Vogue and the CR Fashion Book before she could even walk. And speaking of walking, she did just that in and out of two shows during Paris Fashion Week. There, she stole the spotlight by being the best dressed babe in attendance (granted, she may have been the only one there, but still), all thanks to her very own stylist and tailor.

That’s right: North apparently has someone to help her keep up with Kim and her ensembles, a source revealed to Grazia magazine:

“Kim has hired North her own personal tailor whose sole job is to make mini versions of Kim’s designer outfits and ensure that they always coordinate. The tailor, who is also paid to act as North’s stylist, works with Kanye and Kim’s styling team to create the toddler’s looks. Some are collaborations or commissions to designers themselves, and others created in-house. Her wardrobe is planned well in advance with regular meetings to discuss looks for the family’s public appearances, and North has versions to match a lot of what Kim wears, from dresses to handbags and shoes.”

Let’s all just take a moment to pretend to be surprised by this news.

I’ma let you finish, but North West has more style than you do. Need proof? We’ve rounded up all of her most stylish moments in the gallery below.

SOURCE: DailyMail | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash

All The Times North West Had More Style Than You (PHOTOS)
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