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We caught up with Luke Evans and Sarah Gordon to discuss their new film, Dracula Untold, getting into vampire shape, and much more.

Dracula Untold isn’t your average vampire film. Sure, there’s fangs, bats and blood, but this movie is so much more. The action-packed flick follows Evans’ character, Vlad The Impaler, a fearsome warrior who was taken from his home in Transylvania and force to fight in the Turkish Sultan’s army. As he gets older, Vlad decides to trade his bloodstained past for a more peaceful future. He returns home to Transylvania and takes his seat on the throne. For ten years Vlad and his people live a peaceful life – that is, until the new Sultan’s lackeys show up demanding a thousand boys, including Vlad’s son, to fight in their army. In an effort to avoid an all out war, Vlad strikes a deal with a vampire giving him incredible strength and heightened senses. Unfortunately, there’s a catch.

With a movie this full of fight scenes and bloody battles, you can bet the actors were expected to be in tip-top shape. According to the film’s star, Luke, he spent countless hours in the gym with a personal trainer. When he wasn’t working out, he had to carefully watch what he ate – because you know what they say, abs are made in the kitchen.

Filming was no cake walk for the rest of the cast either. Gordon says that though much of the film involves special effects, the actors spent a lot of their time on-location in Ireland where the weather isn’t always ideal.

To hear those stories and more, check out the video above.

Dracula Untold hits theaters everywhere today.