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What better way to celebrate your Friday then to look at pictures (lots and lots) of Donald Glover’s chest?

There is no better way, people.

Basically, this article is about nothing…except Childish Gambino’s chest, his tightly-coiled chest hair, and his barely there abs. His floral shirts are great too, but we’ll leave that discussion up for another day.

Back to Bino’s chest.

It’s very, very, nice. Not necessarily the nicest we’ve seen over the years, but there’s something special about Donald’s natural non-oiled up chest and he knows it, which is why he’s always ripping off his grandma sweaters and oversized t-shirts.

Anyway, enjoy your day with these 17 pictures of Gambino chest and a little abdominal action down under. For all the Childish chest, see below.

17 Pictures Of Childish Gambino’s Chest (PHOTOS)
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