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Ebola is here and it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.

The deadly virus has hit our country, and now things seem to be getting a little worse every day.

Recently, an NBC crew was asked to be put into voluntary quarantine for 21 days, but according to TMZ, some members have broken the quarantine.

The site reports:

The New Jersey Health Department just revealed the NBC crew that had agreed to a voluntary 21-day quarantine after one of its cameraman tested positive for Ebola … VIOLATED the quarantine.

It’s pretty ridiculous … NBC seemed almost breathlessly excited in reporting that it’s people became part of the story.

Now the health department has laid down the law and ORDERED medical correspondent Nancy Snyderman and the other crew members to stay put and comply with the basic safety rules.

Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, a teenager in the NYC borough was reported have had Ebola-like symptoms in the Brookdale Hospital, but it turns out it was a false alarm.

According to the NY Post, Ebola was quickly ruled out after some tests, and a spokesperson from the NYC Health Department revealed:

“Ebola was ruled out. There are currently no patients suspected of having Ebola in New York City,”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with a Texas health care worker who has caught the deadly virus after giving treatment to Thomas Duncan before his death.

According to the Daily Mail, despite using protective gear while caring for Duncan, the female nurse has tested positive for Ebola, and has been immediately placed in isolation.

We pray for those who might be exposed to Ebola, especially overseas. To see some heart-breaking photos from how Ebola is impacting residents in Liberia, click here.

SOURCE: TMZ, NY Post, Daily Mail | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty 

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